Rick was born in Oakland CA July 27, 1960.  He grew up in the Bay Area, then moved to Auburn, CA to attend high school.  

After leaving high school, he spent two years hitchhiking around the country and traveling, visiting New York City, England, France, Virgin Islands, picking papayas in Hawaii, and building a bomb shelter in a remote part of Northern Idaho.

He returned to San Francisco in 1981.  After thrashing around the local club scene for a few years with bands Chainsaw Dog and the New Age Killers, he landed the lead role in a Harvard Film School project in the summer of 1985.  Eight months later, frustrated by the lack of work Sand Francisco had to offer, he drove to Hollywood with $300 and hope.

After four months in Hollywood, a local singer from the LA music scene walked into the studio where Rick’s new band was rehearsing, and asked him if he could act–-there was a part open in a new “art-gore” film, and she thought that he looked the part.  Two days later, Rick had the part of Michael Tutman–and the rest is history.

Since then, Rick has landed the lead role in David Bowie’s video “Day In-Day Out,” has worked in Jackie Kong’s new film, Night School,” and has appeared in LA’s best underground clubs with The Daggers–who will also appear in a new movie about LA’s underground music scene.

Authored by Rick Burks