Some bands Rick played in: Chainsaw Dog Aftermath The Daggers New Age Killers Rick Burks0001_edited-1.jpg

Dedicated to a son, brother, uncle, friend, actor, musician, composer, and much more.

Killed by a DRUNK DRIVER

February 19, 1989

The Rick Burks Memorial Site

Appeared in films and videos

Blood Diner (staring role)

The Underachievers (aka Night School

The Running Kind

The Demon Lover

Day In Day Out (David Bowie)

Piano in the Dark (Brenda Russell)

Music Influences  Hendrix Zep, Stones Beatles Skynard Jeff Beck “The Faces”  group included Rolling Stones’ Ron Wood, guitar, and Rod Stewart vocals The Who Thin Lizzie

Rick’s close friend, Jimmy Maslon.

Rick was living with him when killed

Rick’s Friends  Randy Lynch David Berry Jimmy Maslon Mike ? Loraina MiMi Steve McLaughlin Scott Larimore

Montage created by Rick

Piano in the Dark, by Brenda Russell Rick is seen at the 3 min 20 second mark kissing the girl

Rick is the young man seen throughout this video wearing an Army-type field jacket.  Has long dark hair and is accompanied by a young female

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